Best Yoga Gear for Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has become popular for endurance exercises. The intense stretches and poses conducted in a heated yoga studio at about 40 degrees celcius provide for a sweaty environment and activity. Hot yoga detoxifies the body leaving it lean and toned. However, it is such an embarrassing and uncomfortable workout, due to the sweating. Consequently, you ought to prepare in a manner of proper hot yoga gear and equipment.

Just because hot yoga is a sweaty affair does not mean that you should turn up in your class naked. On the other hand, you should not totally cover yourself up as your body needs to breathe. The trick lies in choosing the right gear for hot yoga.

Best Fabric for Hot Yoga Gear

If you are a believer in cotton made gear for workouts, then in hot yoga kinds, you may have to rule it out. Cotton does a fantastic job of absorbing the sweat from your body. However, the sweat never evaporates. The cotton gear would be heavy from the sweat and uncomfortable throughout your hot yoga session.

A wicking fabric such as polyester and spandex are best in hot yoga gear because it dries up fast. It is also lightweight and not likely to weigh you down as you exercise. A fabric that is not transparent will also be a welcome idea in the snug fitting pants. It is important to ensure that the fabric you settle on does not give your body friction. Moreover, the fabric should stretch with all your body stretches and poses.

Women Hot Yoga Pants and Shorts

Your personal style should not be compromised when settling for the best gear for hot yoga. Most retailers of hot yoga gear seem to understand this need of personal style, and, therefore, have gone out of their way to stock a variety of pants and shorts. You can choose from many colors, patterns and designs of yoga pants and shorts.

When you decide on the style, for pants or shorts, ensure that they are comfortable and snug fitting. Too tight pants may rip off in class and leave you showing your body when you bend over. Therefore, when choosing the best hot yoga pants, fit them and do a few stretches in them to ensure that there will be no accidents whatsoever in the yoga class.

Maintain the same policy of comfort and right fit when choosing the hot yoga shorts too. Besides, you can decide to go for cute Bikram shorts with straps. The downside of the shorts, however, is that you will get sweaty legs that may tend to be slippery. You may end up disgusted to continue with some of the yoga poses.

Do not just settle for the basic black pants, experiment with colors and designs as well. If you still want to look super sexy in the yoga studio, you may want to try some bondage or shred leggings. Just do you.

Hot Yoga Tops

Loose fitting t-shirts are a big no, no matter the fabric. They will distract you big time during your workout. However, if you want to cover your body, you can still go for some slightly loose fitting tank tops with a sports bra underneath. Otherwise, the best hot yoga gear when it comes to tops are sports bras, bralettes, and any cropped tops because they allow for the sweat to freely flow from your upper body.

There are varieties of styles in tank tops such as mermaid tank tops or even cropped mesh tops. Find a style that suits your personal style while ensuring that it fits right and you can do all stretches without fear of body parts popping out. It is also embracing to keep digging a sports bra while you exercise.

Men Gear for Hot Yoga

Hot yoga gear for men is quite simple for those who do not mind going without a top of course. Some running shorts with an underneath garment for extra coverage or pants are perfect. A tank top is also best if you feel you do not want to show your bare chest to the rest of the class.

Hot Yoga Equipment

Your hot yoga routine cannot be complete without a proper mat, towel, water bottle and yoga bag. These make the hot yoga equipment you must bring to class every week or biweekly. The best mat for hot yoga should be thick, durable and have grip when you lie on it. There are those kinds that actually come with silicone nubs to provide traction. Alternatively, if you prefer lighter yoga mats, ensure that you have a non-slip towel to use for the child pose. No matter the kind of mat you have, an absorbent towel is necessary.

It is recommended that you drink lots of water before you attend the 90 minutes of hot yoga. You will need to drink more after the class and hence a water bottle that can cool your water is a necessity.

All these equipment should be packed in a yoga bag before you come to your class and at the end of it. Pick a bag that does not have to make all your items including your phones and tablets sweaty.

Hot Yoga Accessories

If you cannot stand the slippery feel on the floor, then it would be best to get half toe socks. These will ensure that the sweat from your feet is wicked and the floor beneath your feet remains dry. Additionally, have a headband to keep the sweat from trickling into your eyes. Besides, ensure that your hair is in a ponytail or tight bun so that you do not have to fix it each time it distracts you.

Comfort during hot yoga is guaranteed if you settle on the best gear for hot yoga. The best hot yoga gear should wick the sweat from your body and dry fast to keep you doing all the 26 poses without distractions. Select the right hot yoga equipment carefully so that it can last long for all your hot yoga sessions.

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