5 Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Yoga Pants

A master yogi in the making knows how to choose the right yoga pants. Be it high waisted yoga pants or ododos yoga pants, you should know which one is fit for your practice. Your clothing is the last thing that should bother your meditation. The following tips will help you on choosing the best pair of yoga pants.


If you're doing active routines like Ashtanga or Power Yoga, you should choose a fabric that absorbs sweat really well. For this, it's best to have cotton or the Ododos Yoga pants that removes the sweat from your skin.

The usual materials used nowadays for yoga pants are cotton, synthetic, and the blend of these two. The best thing about cotton is that it has a comfy feel. However, it's not as breathable as the other fabrics.

Some synthetic fabrics are made to have moisture-wicking properties. Although it's not as soft as cotton, it can retain its shape after numerous use and wash. If you're doing Bikram yoga, synthetic fabrics tend to have a more sweaty smell after a strenuous session. It's advisable that you get the blend of cotton and synthetic to get the best material.


Aside from the usual skin-tight fits nowadays, some yogis also prefer pajama-like cuts especially if they are not comfortable with their shape. Anyway, the rule of thumb in getting the right fit for a pair of yoga pants is it must be comfortable. Some yoga instructors prefer less fabric to make easy adjustments on asanas, but it will still depend on your choice.

Hatha Yoga usually requires loose fits and soft material to attain utmost comfort. As this yoga practice doesn't include a lot of challenging postures, your pants shouldn't be too confining. But if you're just starting out with basic yoga, any fit will do.

If your class includes advanced levels of Ashtanga Vinyasas, the fit should be tight enough to wrap the skin but breathable enough to achieve a posture without so much restriction on the legs.


Wearing plain yoga pants all the time can be boring, so might as well add it to your standards when choosing a pair of yoga pants. Aside from the aesthetic value, the color of the pants has something to do with its coolness while worn and some psychology on the side.

Colorful patterns can imbibe a positive mood as well as those with cool prints. If you're doing yoga outside and under the hot sun, it's advisable not to get a black-colored one. Black fabrics tend to absorb more heat than light-colored ones which bounce the color off the material. However, black is a good choice if you want to hide those sweat marks!

Assorted full-length yoga pants or capri pants with a wide array of colors will help you choose the best one that suits your practice.


Choosing between a capri or full-length pants depends on your own preference. Capri types end just below the knee or halfway to the calf. This is preferable if you are doing hot yoga, power yoga, or any routines that require doing a lot of twisting and sweating.

The look while wearing the pants also matters here if you're conscious of the length of your legs. Full-length ones tend to make one's legs look longer. On the other hand, the weather also plays a key role in choosing the right length. I'm sure that you're not apt to freeze in capri while you're on your way to the yoga studio during a wintery morning.


Some yogis prefer high waist yoga pants due to the tummy support it gives during an active yoga session. For guys, they would likely prefer to wear yoga shorts for men, as it has less fabric. But for those who are inclined to long pants, they are mostly torn between a flared, straight type and a leggings style.

For yogis doing advanced asanas, the tight feel of leggings is preferable as it supports the skin and the hips. Meanwhile, those in a more laid-back and meditative yoga practice love the style of flared pants. All these depend on the type of comfort you want to achieve.

Practicing yoga daily will make you a more skilled yogi. But with the right pair of pants, you'll get more from your yoga classes.

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