How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Mat

There are so many yoga mats in the market these days, that finding the right fit for you can be a bit overwhelming. Whether you are a yoga veteran or just a beginner, there are always some things to consider before buying a yoga mat. From the texture, color and level of thickness, different types of yoga mats are good for different occasions. Next time you head to the store looking for that perfect yoga mat, keep this guide in mind and it will definitely save you time and energy.

1. Thickness

This plays a very important part when buying a yoga mat. This will determine how comfortable the mat will be. If you are doing yoga indoors, on a hardwood floor or concrete, choosing something too thin could be very uncomfortable, especially when doing a headstand position or just using the forearms. Something with a little more cushion is always better because it provides more comfort to the bones. If you are doing yoga on a surface covered with grass or at the beach, then a thinner mat will do. Something standard with an 1/8 inch thickness will work will work if you will not do difficult yoga positions.

2. Material

Always keep in mind what kind of yoga mat would work best for you. It is always good to consider whether you are looking for something that is eco-friendly and PVC free, something that is very foamy or just a mat that provides a very good grip. If you choose to go to the eco-friendly route and PVC free, then a yoga mat made out of organic cotton or natural rubber will work best. These are very comfortable for less vigorous forms of yoga practices. If an eco-friendly mat is not your main concern and you are looking for something that provides good grip, then a vinyl mat is the way to go. Most of the standard yoga mats are made out of vinyls because it provides good cushion and a good grip.

3. Style

Believe it or not, this can play an important part when looking for your perfect yoga mat. It is important to choose something that you will feel comfortable with and that you find visually appealing. Buying a mat that matches your personality and personal style will most likely encourage you to use it often. Spend some time looking at different colors, patterns and designs so that you can choose something that will ultimately contribute to your overall yoga experience.

4. Maintenance

Think about how easy or difficult it will take you to clean the mat. If it is okay to just wipe it down with a wet towel or it if needs to go to the washing machine. Usually, mats that require to be in a washing machine are not very thick and do not provide as much cushion. Always consider buying something that does not need too much maintenance.

5. Storage

How much room do you need to store the mat? Is it easy to fold and put in a suitcase? If you are the type of person that travels a lot and loves doing yoga, then choose something that is easy to carry with you everywhere you go. Portability can be important when choosing the right yoga mat. Most people use a 1/8 inch yoga mat because they can fold it easily.

6. Price

Remember that cheap does not equal good. Even if you are tempted to get the cute yoga mat because it is cheap and affordable, consider first if it will be comfortable for you. Think about the durability and the type of yoga you are doing. It is always better to be safe and look for something that will not give you headaches in the long run. Good quality yoga mat can go anywhere between $50 to $90 depending on thickness, style and materials.

Indeed, all of these are good things to consider before buying a yoga mat and they are equally important. Not only will this determine the experience you will have with the yoga mat, but also it's durability and life span. Always keep in mind to look at all the pros and cons to find the perfect yoga mat for your individual needs. By doing this, your time, energy and money will all be saved.

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